Project Year
Designed in 2021
Launched in 2022
Industrial Design
Yujiao Yang,  Wanqiao Yao, Mengshuai Liu, Mingchen Ye
CMF Design
Ruanqi Li, Yulei Qiu,
Yishan Qin, Yiwei Cui
The Reno8 series is Reno‘s first model equipped with MariSilicon X, OPPO’s self-developed imaging NPU, which takes the photography quality to new heights. For industrial design, the mission was to express the advanced performance and premium stylishness by creating a new and sophisticated design identity that was very unique yet coherent to the OPPO Design philosophy.

The refined form of the Reno8 series is neat and composed. Anything that is superfluous is removed to maximize the beauty of moderation. The camera is designed to blend harmoniously with the body, creating a sense of oneness.

OPPO Reno8 Series

Reno8 Pro+

On the Reno8 Pro+, camera protrusion is prevented to create a simple and tidy impression. The display is larger and the boundaries are thinner, providing a more immersive experience for users.

Reno8 Pro & Reno8

The reno8 Pro and Reno8 use plastic 3D backs to achieve rich color and texture combinations at an affordable price. The high polished metal ring not only protects the camera but also creates a sophisticated appearance.

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