OPPO Reno7

In this project, I was responsible for driving the form refinement and CMF optimization throughout the phases from validation test to mass production.  The goal was to enhance and elevate the overall design quality with the right balance of appearance, cost, technical feasibility, reliability, and manufacturability. Several new materials and processes were involved for the first time, which was the most challenging thing to tackle. By working closely with the full development team and testing possible solutions continuously, the processes were optimized to achieve a better appearance in the most affordable way.


Designed and
Launched in 2021

Industrial Design

Mingchen Ye,
Guan Gong

CMF Design

Ci Song, Ruanqi Li,
Yishi Zhu

This project here is partially documented due to the confidential agreement. If you are interested in it or my experience at OPPO in general, 

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