​Offering Flexibility in Workspace

SHIFT is designed for outdoor informal workspaces. It provides a seamless transition between informal collaboration and individual work in a casual way. It can be easily modified to different positions, which allows people to sit actively and work comfortably.​This work was exhibited at Haworth Showroom in New York in May 2019

87% of workers spend two to four hours every day working in informal spaces even though they have their own assigned workstation. 

People want:

Get Rid of Monotony

Physical & Emotional Comfort

People need an escape from working in the same place during their day, whether they were alone or with others. 

Casual, informal, and comfortable space jump-start and sustain creative thinking.

Quick, Informal Connections with Peers

Individual spontaneous insights should be shared more quickly among project team members before ideas are lost.

The outdoors is becoming the new frontier of informal workspace.

Individual Work & Quick Interaction


Individual Work

Design Process


Provide multiple seating positions that allow users to sit comfortably and move actively

Balance privacy and collaboration. Seamless switch between these two modes

Paper Mock-up


The idea of using 3 panels connected by hinges to achieve different sitting position works. The frame to hold the pannes will need more consideration.

The hinge helps avoid the panel move forward in up-right position

The underneath panel support the chair in lounge position

1:4 Plywood Mock-up


The angle between the upper and middle panels are not ergonomic. This is changed in further development.

Operating the panel to change the position is not intuitive enough, so I added the pullers to indicate how to use it.

CMF Study

Exhibited at Haworth Showroom in New York

May 2019

Presented at the Haworth Headquarters in Grand Rapids

January 2019

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