A storytelling assistant for Google Home product line.

Delivering an immersive storytelling experience through light and sound.

Every child deserves good stories.

Duursma, Elisabeth & Augustyn, Marilyn & Zuckerman, B. (2008). Reading aloud to children: The evidence. Archives of disease in childhood.

Reading aloud to young children, particularly in an engaging manner, promotes emerging literacy and language development and supports the relationship between child and parent.

But not everyone is a good storyteller.

The sooner parents engage kids in a “participatory reading style”, the more cognitive benefits they‘ll see as a result.

—— Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical 

How can we make storytime more fun and enjoyable with Google's strength?

Enhance the interaction between parents and children.

Google Tale helps both parents and children read and explore stories in a fun way. It encourages children to be active participants in the process instead of a passive listener.

Explore wonderland anytime and anywhere.

Explore wonderland anytime and anywhere.

Children like to read books in different spots. As the light is portable, children can carry Google Tale everywhere. The perfect reading companion, Google Tale not only provides suitable light according to the environment but also interesting ambient sounds. 

​Experience Demo


Mimicking the experience when reading to children leads them to develop better intellectual empathy.

—— Erin Clabough, Neuroscientist

To make children more engaged, I let them help turn the pages and ask them questions.


teaching assistant volunteer in an elementary school for  5 years


Add sound and light effects to make the storytelling more immersive and attractive.

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