Echo is an off-grid communication tool for music festival visitors to keep friends connected and engaged.

Music festivals are not just about music

They are more about interaction. 

Attending a festival lets people immerse themselves in a world with removed social pressures and no expectations. Almost 2/3 of visitors are under 25 years old. They are looking for engaged and unique experiences. 

​However, the audience often ends up...

Losing their friends

Losing cell phone signal and never finding their friends

Wasting time in lines instead of having fun with friends

With the two-way radio, Echo makes sure you are always connected.

Cellphones need to connect to the base station first to convey any information. Two-way radios send information directly to other devices without any base station. It works perfectly when people lose their phone service.

In addition to voice conversations, FRS (Family Radio Service) units may transmit digital data containing location information or a brief text message to other GMRS or FRS units.

Locating your friends is easy

User can locate their friends and find them easily.

Echo also provides several merchandise booths as meeting points for the group to meet up. This can also bring more potential traffic to the merchandise. 

Making connection is easy

Echo enables you to make new friends without the concern of giving out personal information. Simply by putting echo devices together, you add friends to your list in echo app. 

Lighting effects that interact with music.

Different lighting effects are possible. Echo changes color according to the melody, twinkles according to the beats, and gets brighter when the user shakes it harder.

Make reservation, skip the line

With Echo, you can search for restrooms or vendors nearby. Reserve the service on echo, you don’t need to wait in line physically. Echo will notify you several minutes before it is your turn. By scanning your device, you will be able to enter the reservation area.

Design Process

What is a good music festival experience? 

Walkie-Talkie Architecture Study

Because there will be a lot of big movement while the audience dances with music, it is important to make it convenient to carry or wear.

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