OPPO Reno8 Series

Project Year

Designed in 2021
Launched in 2022

Industrial Design

Mingchen Ye
Yujiao Yang
Wanqiao Yao
Mengshuai Liu

CMF Design

Ruanqi Li
Yulei Qiu
Yishan Qin
Yiwei Cui

My Contribution

Concept Design
Form Design

Project Goal











From Reno3 to Reno7, we have been subtly evolving the design of Reno series to establish a visual appearance of lightness and unity. But Reno8 is not the phone for subtle evolutions.

Showcase the
technology evolution

The Reno8 series is Reno‘s first modelequipped with MariSilicon X, OPPO’s selfdevelopedimaging NPU, which takes thephotography quality to new heights.


Find X5

Find N

Align the brand
design language

To increase brand recognition and consistency, we were challenged to create a new design identity for the Reno series that is unique yet coherent with other series of OPPO.

Design Process

User Research

We identified two key insights through the user interview and market visit.

Style preference

Reno users used to prefer colorful gradients and bold appearances for their novelty and uniqueness since 2018. But during this research conducted in 2021, simplicity, unity, and calmness are mentioned more frequently than before by our users as their new aesthetic preferences.

Perception of performance

The number of cameras used to be the only standard of good cameras for lots of Reno users. But as the market gets mature, the criteria for good performance are more diverse. Today users value quality more than quantity.

Mock-up 1

All the cameras and sensors are integrated into a circle, giving a clean and concise look. A high polished finish is applied on the front for the frame, which makes the design looks visually slimmer. For the pro version, the metal decoration can be changed to breathing light like Reno7Pro, creating consistency between each generation.

Mock-up 2

The top left corner of V1.0 will not meet the requirement of the drop test. Using a full piece of ceramic may solve the problem but with a super high cost. So the frame is redesigned to provide better protection for the back. The speaker hole and sim card holder on the bottom of the device has been neatly arranged to establish perfect visual symmetry and balance.

Mock-up 3

A more mainstream and less aggressive camera layout is applied to achieve more consistency with previous generations.

Reno 8 Pro+


Reno 8 Pro


Reno 8


Reno8 Pro+

On the Reno8 Pro+, camera protrusion is prevented to create a simple and tidy impression. The glossy glass back with pure color displays the premium value of Reno8 Pro+.

Reno8 Pro & Reno8

The reno8 Pro and Reno8 use plastic 3D backs to achieve rich color and texture combinations at an affordable price. The high polished metal ring not only protects the camera but also creates a sophisticated appearance.